«RATIP» Appeal
The fight against terrorism
is our common purpose

$240 000 000 


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Russian Antiterrorist Insurance Pool's website!

The Russian Antiterrorist Insurance Pool (RATIP) is a national association of insurance companies that provides services in the field of "terrorism" and "sabotage" risks insurance and reinsurance. Our pool was organized in December 20, 2001 by Russia's largest insurance companies which had signed an agreement on its establishment.

The aim of the Russian Antiterrorist Insurance Pool is insurance of legal entities and individuals on the territory of the Russian Federation, against the risks of loss and damages in the result of the acts of terrorism and sabotage.

Now RATIP has 23 members.

The structure of our organization has been significantly improved since 2006. The composition of the Executive Committee of the Pool was conceptually changed- instead of thirty eight participants according to the old model of the structure. There are ten participants in the new one:

  • Four representatives from the largest companies of RATIP,
  • Three representatives of the companies which have produced the biggest amounts of reinsurance premiums,
  • Three additional representatives from the other companies of the Pool.

The foundation laid in the field of the methodology, documentation, operations/rapid problem solving, control, calculations of retention values, accounting and auditing operations gives the strategic opportunity to work at a new qualitative level of market development of "Voluntary and compulsory insurance against risks of terrorism in Russia".

The system of electronic document workflow and calculations was launched.

The activities which the Pool has started to hold according to the renewed strategy in 2011 established the conditions for further successful development. I would like also to admit that for the successful development of the Pool the constructive collaboration of the Government and of the Insurance community is needed.

On behalf of the RATIP I invite insurers to join the national antiterrorist pool and to use our reinsurance capacity, which is at the moment $ 240 000 000.

We invite you to the effective and mutually beneficial co-operation.

With respect,
Alexander Gulchenko.

+7 (495) 648 6543
LLC Industrial Insurance Broker
Managing company of the RATIP, tel. +7 (495) 648 6543
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