The fight against terrorism
is our common purpose
$258 000 000 


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Russian Antiterrorist Insurance Pool's website!

The Russian Anti-Terrorism Insurance Pool (RATIP) was created in 2001 as a national association of insurers that provides (re)insurance services to cover corporate clients and individuals against risks of terrorism and sabotage.

From its very beginning, the RATIP has endeavored to become more than a pool. Today the RATIP is not only an association of insurers providing (re)insurance services. Our pool has combined the experience and skills of different insurance market participants, which allows us today to work effectively at a new level, constantly expanding the pool's capabilities, responding to the needs of our clients and insurers in a timely manner, regularly developing and implementing innovative insurance products.

On behalf of the RATIP, we invite insurers to join the national antiterrorist insurance pool and to use our reinsurance capacity, which is currently of 18.8 billion rubles / 258 million $.

We invite you to participate in the effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Alexander Gulchenko.

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